Your Studio at THE 9 - $187 per month

How does it work?

Welcome to The Nine! Membership costs $187 per month (5 hours monthly) plus $35/hr for as many extra hours as you’d like to put on the calendar!

You can cancel membership at any time with 30 days notice

We currently have 3 locations in the prime NYC area. You may book any studio you like for however long you need with a 2 hour minimum.

Our studios come equipped with the basic gear & equipment needed for most shoots:

-2 Strobes -Basic light modifiers -1 continuous light -V flats -white seamless paper -Lighting stands -Sandbags -Clothing racks -Steamers -Bluetooth speakers -Cables -Pocket wizards -Makeup Stations

We also do monthly workshops for members focusing on portfolio building, lighting techniques, equipment tutorials, and exchanging ideas/contacts. For more information on our past workshops, click here.

Each of our studios is a little different!

Studio A & B in soho are both 400 sf studios that can be combined. Individually they are better for shoots with crews of less than 6 people. 9 foot seamless paper is used in these studios mostly. It gets great natural light and is located right in the heart of the SoHo/NoHo area. Also has a 1,000 sf rooftop.

Studios Brooklyn 1 and Brooklyn 2, located at 317 Stagg Street, are large 700-1300sf studios that can be combined. Crews of 2-25 people can work comfortably when it is combined and 2-12 people when they are not.

  • Brooklyn 1 (317 Stagg) has a 40 foot Cyc Wall with a large lighting grid above it.

  • Brooklyn 2 (317 Stagg) is a large 35x19 foot studio that has a rolling gate to the ground level.

  • Brooklyn Daylight (23 Meadow) is a large 1000sf studio with amazing natural light. It is a loft style studio. It is one block from 317 Stagg.

Additional Member Benefits:

-24/7 Access

- Keys to 9 Bleecker and access code to 317 Stagg/23 Meadow

- $35/hr for extra hours, regardless of which membership option you’ve selected

- Free boxing classes at Overthrow Boxing

-Free courses and workshops

-Connections to an extensive network of people and resources in similar working fields

Call, text, or email us to have the membership form sent to you or to arrange a tour! We can be reached at (904) 540-0870 or



Despite the cheap price The 9 is not a “cheap” photography studio. Even for NYC its one of the best.
— Anna - a current member
Best Photo studio share in nyc
— Kent - a current member