A full scale production space in one of the best locations in Brooklyn.

Located at 317 Stagg Street off the L train (Grand Street), our huge Brooklyn production space has a 30 x 40 foot cyclorama, drive-in retail level access, and tons of pro gear included in all of our prices. Let the great street art in the neighborhood inspire you!

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Included Equipment:

30 x 40 foot cyc wall

16 foot ceilings with light grid

Overall size: 95 ft. x 30 ft.

Retail level, drive in access

Natural light 13x13 garage door with roll down metal gate

2 x Profoto D1 Strobes

2 x 400W Bowens Strobes

2 x Lowell Omni 1000W tungsten

2 x Arri 650W tungsten fresnsel

1 x Arri 1000W tungsten fresnel

4 x LED light panels

1 x LED COB (with Bowens mount)

Light modifiers (2 x octa, 1 x parabolic, 1 x beauty dish, 2 x strip box, diffusion fabrics, 4-in-one reflector, flags) 

8 x 8 Scrim Jim

Pocket Wizards

7 x c-stands, 4 x apple boxes, 8 x kit stands, grip, tools, gaff, computer, monitor

Seamless paper and seamless rack system

4 clothing racks and 2 steamers

Rates for non-members:

$75 an hour for crews of 6 or less, call for pricing for larger shoots.

To book please call (904) 540-0870 or email:





“THE 9 Studios' space in Brooklyn is everything you need for a great price.”

— J.A.

Great Studio to Work With!

“The staff at THE 9 are excellent and really know how to help you set up for your shoot. They will accommodate custom requests and are true creative types.”

— L.K.

When You Need the BEST.

“I'm a producer who needed top notch space for an internationally known fashion magazine. I will return to THE 9 because they made the experience seamless.”

— J.Y.




Reach Out.

Call or email us with any questions about your next booking. (904) 540-0870 or matt@the9studios.com

The 9 Brooklyn is easily the best photo studio in NYC for its inexpensive price. Even without the price as a factor its comparable to the high end photography studios especially with its large white cyc wall.
— Ian - a current member